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Drum Carder Cloth - 72 TPI - carding cloth

Drum Carder Cloth - 72 TPI - carding cloth

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Because this is a special product cut to the ordered length we do not accept returns if errors of measurement are made by the customer. NOTE: Not all drum carders are the same and will require a precise measurement of cloth size. If you are not familiar with replacing your drum carder cloth, please make sure that you discuss with someone who has knowledge of replacing them.

Wire setting 72 points per square inch. The general type most used.

To calculate the amount you'll need we suggest you multiply the diameter of the drum by 3.142. We always add a little bit extra for free to allow space for making the join.

Card cloth is normally fixed to the drum by staples or tacks along the edges only. A joining line, often made of a thin strip of metal, will not only fix the cloth but also provides a space allowing the carded batt to be removed when you've finished.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dennis B
Good to deal with.

Nikki was good to deal with and I was happy to buy from a Canadian store. The carding cloth was just what I needed.

S M Hume
Exactly what we needed

Carding cloth arrived promptly and in good condition. It was purchased for a drum carder my husband is building. Looks like it will work perfectly.
Looking forward to blending some fibre.